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Inmeta by Crayon expands in the Nordics, first stop Sweden 


[Oslo, 17th of September 2023] The new office in Stockholm marks the first step in Inmeta's journey to become the leading competence center for data insight in the Nordics. The goal is to double the number of consultants in this field over the next three years.

Inmeta, a Norwegian consulting company within the Crayon Group, is initially opening an office in Stockholm, co-located with Crayon. The ambition, by 2026, is to be recognized as the premier competence hub for data insight in the Nordics.

"It's exciting to finally share the news of our expansion in the Nordics. We're investing to meet the high demand for services that help businesses extract value from their data across the region. In recent years, we've built one of Norway's best competence centers in data analysis. Now it's time to bring this expertise to assist customers throughout the rest of the Nordics and leverage Crayon's well-established local network," says Frank Kjærvoll, who leads the Data Insight department at Inmeta in Oslo.

With 300 employees in Oslo, Bergen, Hamar, and Trondheim, the company offers consultancy and advisory services in digital transformation and innovation. This expertise will now be exported to help businesses all over the Nordics make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

"Our analysis shows that the Nordics are ready for a new player with an active approach. We're starting with Sweden, and then it's natural to expand east and south. International technology partners we have strong partnerships with are very excited about this initiative and have encouraged us to expand into their markets," says Kjærvoll.

Doubling the Number of Employees

Over the past three years, Inmeta has grown from 15 to 80 experts in data insight, nearly quadrupling its revenue. Therefore, the intention is to double the current team of experts and the revenue from data insight services by 2026. This expansion will occur in close collaboration with Inmeta's parent company, Crayon.

"The growth will come organically, and it's not unlikely that we'll make acquisitions if the right opportunities arise. We have a strong culture of realizing value from data and a good operational model that helps us get started quickly in Sweden. We are in discussions with several candidates for hiring and are aiming for a flying start this autumn," says Kjærvoll.

The initiative in Sweden provides Crayon's customers with access to advice and consultancy services related to business intelligence and data analysis. The establishment will take place on Crayon's premises and utilize their infrastructure. Michael Jacobs, the Nordics Chief at Crayon, is enthusiastic about the initiative:

"Inmeta is one of the gems in the Crayon Group, delivering strong performances for over 20 years. This initiative is a strategic investment driven by a regional need for this expertise," says Jacobs.

Inmeta offers consultancy and advisory services that help businesses realize value from data and established Business Intelligence as its own field of expertise as early as 2003.

For more information, please visit or contact Line Löfgreen, Marketing Director at Inmeta,, mobile: +47 906 90 878.


About Inmeta

Inmeta is a consulting company within the Crayon Group that helps businesses achieve their goals by realizing value from data. The company offers consultancy and advisory services in digital transformation and innovation and has strong expertise in business consulting, artificial intelligence, data insight, system development and technology, user experience and design, and digital collaboration. Inmeta has 300 employees in Oslo, Bergen, Hamar, and Trondheim.

About Crayon

Crayon offers consultancy and advisory services for digital transformation and specializes in optimizing and cost-effectively managing licenses and cloud services. The company is headquartered in Oslo, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and has 3,700 employees in 46 countries. Inmeta Consulting is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crayon.